Saturday 7 May 2011

The Top 10 Movies of 2010

Last Updated - June 20, 2012.

Here's my full list of the best movies of 2010.


All of my praise goes out to the director Xavier Dolan who made this rather basic love story into something so magical, yet natural. Fantastic performances by all three of them. If you like this than you should also watch his first film I Killed My Mother.

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

I fell in love with this around 10 minutes in and after the dinner scene I was admiring it, it's definitely exceptional. It's almost too beautiful to bear. There's no one who will be able to describe this film to you in words. Apichatpong Weerasethakul has become one of my favorite directors.

My Joy

Believe it or not, Sergei Loznitsa only made documentaries before this work of genius. Primarily this film shows you many aspects of the life in Ukraine, back in WWII and now. The emphasis might seem bleak but at least it's all shot very exquisitely. Some parts made me laugh, especially when they found the flour in the car and one of them said "What were you expecting, gold?"


Another gem by Hong Sang-Soo, a lot of food & talking once again. His films really captivate me, all I can say is that I love it.

The Hunter

The whole film is eye candy to me, it's like a painting. No typical or predictable characters or plot. The darkness remains throughout the whole film.

Tuesday, After Christmas

This is about as truthful as a film can get, perfection. The performances by everyone are top-notch. It also stars Dragos Bucur (Police, Adjective) just like in all the other films directed by Radu Muntean but unfortunately we can only see him for a few minutes. There's a good amount of humor in it, which brightens up the atmosphere.

How I Ended This Summer

I love everything about this film. The story and the way it's told, the stunning and impressive shots. Both of the actors did an amazing job portraying those two individuals. There's many scenes that I can't get out of my head, it's really quite haunting.


One of the most beautiful and touching stories ever told. Honey is the last part of the trilogy, it follows Egg (2007) & Milk (2008). The way the story is told from the child's perspective is unforgettable and not many films that I have seen compare to it. The boy who plays Yusuf delivers one of the greatest and most natural performances by a child that I have ever seen. The cinematography is unsurpassable and shows you some of the finest forest shots out there.

Bleak Night

I watched this once at night and then the next day again because I couldn't stop thinking about it. Is there any other film that goes so deep into the psyche of a bully? I wouldn't know because I haven't seen anything as good as this. Besides that, the atmosphere is so... wonderfully bleak, that really is the best word to describe it. Don't be afraid though, it will not leave you depressed but it does leave things open for us.


This blew me out of the water, if there's any film that deserves to be called beautiful than it's definitely this one. It shows life in a unimaginably humane way. This is one of those films that might change way you think and look at things. It is without a doubt a deep film. I'm so happy that I saw this and I hope that a lot more people will too.

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