Tuesday 8 May 2012

The Top 10 Movies of 2011

Last Updated - May 8, 2012.

Here's my full list of the best movies of 2011.

Las Acacias

Three minutes in I knew that this is going to be good. Most definitely one of the best road films.

She Monkeys

I've been waiting to watch this for a few months now. Although the themes are common it still felt like it's something new, visually it's a real feast.

Wasted Youth

Pretty much what you can expect from the films title. Typical main character but that's not a bad thing, it's reality. The skate scenes alone made me love it.


20 short films by 20 directors, "10 veteran masters + 10 new talents." I know most of them but some I was unaware of. Hou Hsiao-Hsien's film was saved up for last just like Lee Kang-Sheng's in the 2009 film Taipei 24h. Just recently I watched Chung Mong-Hong's Parking and The Fourth Portrait and enjoyed his short called Reverberation. Another one that got to me is 100 by Wi Ding Ho and the one, that got stuck in my head is Cheng Wen-Tang's Old Man & Me. All in all there's something there for everybody, a great variety of genres.


Another great surprise this year, more so because I was hesitating about watching it. It's much more natural than Weekend and Absent (also gay themed). Although I don't know much about country life even those parts somehow captivated me.


I could already tell that the camera angles are going to be great from the opening scene. I had to think about it quite a lot the day I watched it.

The Day He Arrives

Yet another achievement by Hong Sang-Soo. Fans will love this, it seems like he wanted to experiment a little bit this time although you will always find something special in his films.

The Turin Horse

A few months back when I heard about this film I actually thought that's it's about a race horse, which is of course completely wrong and I'm glad about that. Supposedly it's Béla Tarr's last film, if so than I have to say bravo. I could have watched the daughers hair in the wind for 20 minutes straight, It's that magnificent and mesmerizing.

Whores' Glory

The next masterpiece by Michael Glawogger after his last big documentary Workingman's Death, which I strongly recommend watching. He's an idealist, I haven't enjoyed watching anybody elses documentaries as much as his.

Outside Satan

Although I was expecting a lot from this film it went far beyond my imagination, you could call this perfection.

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