Sunday 14 December 2014

Photography November 2014

I'm now sure that after the snow melts (if there will be any in January) I will stop photographing but I've always wanted to capture a sunset in the snow so that's my only proper goal right now. December will likely be snow-less though.

Did some HDR photos again, it really brings out the chemtrails so that was sort of fun.

Camera - Canon 600D

Day 1 - November 1

Day 2 - November 2

Day 3 - November 4

Day 4 - November 5


Day 5 - November 8

Day 6 - November 9

Day 7 - November 11

Day 8 - November 12

Day 9 - November 14

Day 10 - November 16

Day 11 - November 22


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