Sunday 22 September 2013

Photography August 2013

As you can see at the start I photographed my first rainbow and in general nature had a lot of offer in August.

Camera - Canon 600D

Day 1 - August 3

Day 2 - August 7

Day 3 - August 10

Day 4 - August 14

Day 5 - August 20

Day 6 - August 21

Day 7 - August 26

Day 8 - August 31


  1. I'm happy i found your stuff, photograhpy, youtube. life is about having fun. im not having a great time in my life atm, i have had ups and downs things get worse things get better. but watching one of your videos this afternoon made me think back to when i used to think everything works out in the end. and i need to remember that life is about having fun, doing what intrests you and not worrying about needless unimportant things even worrying about important things can be needless. by doing things achieving things thats how life is improved. things may be down but overcoming the fear of whatever brings you down, showing expression is part of the greater joy life is. thank you even if you dont see this.